Full Range of Commercial Window Film Services

Film Works Window Film offers a comprehensive range of services to glass companies, general contractors, and businesses nationwide. We  specialize in design, sales, installation, and project management.


Our design experts will work closely with you in selecting the window film option that best suits your project. We take several factors into consideration, such as the opaqueness. Every design project is a work of art for us, and we are determined to create a masterpiece for you.

We also have a talented graphic designer who is capable of turning your ideas into reality. This designer possesses the skill set to transform something simple like windows into a fine display of creativity and innovation.

Sales and Installation

We carry and install all types of window films, including decorative, custom graphics, solar control, and security. Applying a safe and secure window film with an attachment system can minimize your losses from "smash and grab" burglars. Our team can coat your glass with or without attachment systems.

Our company is fully insured, and our installers undergo drug and background checks upon request. We guarantee our work for one year, and we constantly strive for total customer satisfaction. We are confident that you’ll not only be satisfied with the installation but also become a lifelong customer.

Project Management

From large commercial buildings to businesses with multiple locations, we perform effective project management services for installing window films. We’ll handle every aspect of your project from start to finish, and we have a proactive approach every step of the way.

Our team has had the opportunity to work on projects of varying scales, from small and simple to large and complex. We have the experience, resources, and expertise to deliver your project on time and within your budget.

Top-of-the-Line, Proven Window Films

At Film Works Window Film, we place an equal amount of importance on the functionality, security, and aesthetic elements of our products. Our world-class window films have solar control properties, provide a sufficient amount of security, and can improve the appearance of your commercial facility.


There are many stylish trends in the window film industry, including intricate graphics and printed patterns, colored films, as well as other translucent and opaque designs. As companies continue to consolidate or expand their operations, one of the prevalent methods of renovating existing and newly leased space is applying a standard or customized decorative film to the interior glass. We can easily alter the interior aesthetics of your property while giving you the liberty to remove them effortlessly if you decide to move out.

If you are an architect or designer, you will enjoy choosing from a wide range of options. With the advent of digital printing, the increase of sophisticated plotter systems, and the ability to print designs directly onto glass, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Solar Control

Applying window film coating to the exterior glass of your building is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and least intrusive ways to reduce your energy consumption. You’ll also enjoy an excellent return on investment, generally within two to five years, depending on the building orientation and the type of film that is applied. In fact, our window films are more economical compared to replacing your windows or installing a computerized energy conservation system. Best of all, this method is eco-friendly because you won’t have to dispose of existing window systems.

Apart from energy and cost savings, coated glass provides a myriad of other benefits. Our solar control products:

  • Enhance the aesthetics of your building by creating a uniform exterior appearance
  • Extend the lifespan of cooling systems through reduced workload
  • Extend the lifespan of interior furnishings, wallpaper, carpets, and artwork because of less sun damage
  • Improve the safety rating of the glass through our coating’s shard disbursement feature
  • Increase the comfort level of occupants through glare and temperature control (reduction of hot and cold spots throughout the building)
  • Reduce the maintenance costs of servicing the cooling systems

Safety and Security

Our window films provide ample protection against both natural and man-made disasters. In the event of a hurricane or an explosion, the film coating will effectively minimize the amount of flying glass shards. This is important given that most injuries that occur during these situations result from flying glass. Also, applying security film with solar/vision control has several benefits, such as protecting building occupants and potentially reducing insurance premiums.